Ahoy there, all ye landlubbers and sea-faring souls! I’m Björn, the young, dashing pirate bear, temporarily taking over the Quartermaster’s duties aboard the Resilience. Now, don’t let my sweet face and cuddly appearance fool you – I’m a bear on a mission! I know, I know, so are you. On a mission I mean (you’re clearly not a bear), but maybe I can finish telling you my story anyway?

You see, I was scouting for a settlement up North, when I came across this rugged, charming town. Hartlepool. Reminded me of me ole sire it did. Proper Sea Bear that one. Anyway, methinks to meself, a place rich in pirate lore and Viking history? Surely, that must be the perfect anchorage for our ship? Even the bravest bear must sometimes leave the woods for the sea, and London, much as we love her, is no place for a crew of pirates these days.

So, here I am, stepping up to the helm to make sure shit gets done, if ye pardon my bearish bluntness. I know, it’s not every day you see a cub in charge of the treasure, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Me sire’s still on the rum, nursing his wounded leg, and the Captain is busy taking care of the old bear. But someone’s got to take care of business, right, so there you have it. Young Master Björn, deputy Quartermaster at your service.

Now, I have a trove of treasures we can’t take up north. I’ve hand-selected each item with me own front paws, and they all whisper of memories from adventures past. But fear not, they’re ready to go write new tales with you. Each purchase made is more than a transaction; it’s an aid to our voyage, a contribution to our next chapter in a land of pirates and legends. And who knows? You might just earn yerself a special spot in the tales we tell on cold nights at sea.

Please, come browse, shop, and watch this space to see how the story of the cub who pulled a whole pirate ship, crew and all, back to sea unfolds.

Fair winds and following seas mate,

//Björn, the Bravest Bear in Britain


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