Welcome to the Spoonieverse

Welcome to

The Spoonieverse!

I am very happy to be here to wish you welcome to our

exclusive club; yet so very sad to see that you had to come.

My hope, when I started this blog, was that it would become

your trusty companion. Someone to take you by the hand,

show you the ropes and tell you all will be well.

The Vast Parallel Universe of the Unwell

can be a cold and scary place to find yourself in,

but once you get your bearings you’ll find that some of the

nicest and coolest (!) people you have ever met reside here. 

Hello, and welcome to the Spoonieverse! I first launched this blog on a free blog portal, under a different name, back in 2011. I had struggled with a chronic illness since my early teens, but the blog began when I had to give up my job and found myself completely lost in this vast parallel universe of the unwell. I was scared and lonely and I had no idea how to cope, so I decided to reach out and blog about my experience.

My blogging has been sporadic over the years, but with a little help from a few friends, I managed to build a catalogue of posts on both personal and general spoonie subjects.

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This year, I had decided to move all my blogs (I’ve had a few in the 25+ years since I started ) from the free portals where they were hosted to my own private domains. Today, I was going to launch my Personal & Professional Development blogs, Växthuset (in Swedish) and The Coaching Couch, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And it’s hard to think of a time more desperate for the world at large than the one we’re currently dealing with.

At least in my lifetime.

The situation with the coronavirus is, of course, upsetting for most people; but the Spoonieverse has been especially shook as most of us are in the high risk category. And by the look of things, very few, if any, of us can expect to get any help if we get sick and need hospitalisation. There’s simply not enough beds, not enough staff, and not enough resources to prioritise anyone who doesn’t have a good chance to survive. It is a frighteningly grim reality we are facing.

Welcome to the spoonieverse - you are not alone here!

Over the last couple of days, my friend Leanna and I have had many long conversations with each other and with other fellow spoonies. We have all received so many messages, emails and phone calls from people in need of practical help, and from people who need someone to listen as they vent their worst fears. But we’ve also received plenty of heart warming messages of support for which we are tremendously grateful.

In the light of all this, I’ve decided to do a little swap-a-roo and leave my coach ramblings on the back burner for a while.

This little blog was originally pencilled in for a September relaunch, so today we’re actually baptising a part of my ship six months ahead of plan. (Something that gives me great satisfaction as I’ve been late with, and for, pretty much everything for the past 10 years of my life…)

The good thing about this change is that we now have a place to talk about the scary times we suddenly find ourselves in. The not so good thing about this is that the blog is far from finished. If you take a look around in here, you may find that some areas will be changing as we go along. Pages are still missing, categories and various other features need to be set up etc. If you think it seems like I’m “not quite there yet” that’s because we’re not quite there yet… =)

In kick-starting the new Spoonieverse blog today, I’m hoping we’ll be able to put more content out there to help and support each other and our community through these hard times. As I said, we’re starting even though some things are far from finished, and others a lot messier than I’d like them to be. But I’ll deal with them as and when I can make time for them.

Please, bear with me and don’t expect the blog to be super active right away. My ability to work is extremely limited, and my situation makes it impossible to say how much I can do in any given day. But then again, that’s #spoonielife, innit, so if anything I can at least truthfully say that this blog is keeping it real.

I hope you will join us on this journey and become a part of our community, whether as a fellow spoonie or a supporter.

I promise I’ll do my best to keep you posted when there are updates to the blog, but again, the main focus may have to be on the instagram account. For now, I’ll do my very best to be there with you, and for you, every step of the way until we’ve seen this sodding pandemic through.

Just remember – you are not alone and we will get through this together.

Much love,

//Evalena 💜🖤

Evalena Styf
M/S Resilience

After 25 years of anonymous blogging on a number of free platforms, Evalena Styf decided to go pro and put all of her writings on a private wall. In her personal blog, she primarily writes about: personal and professional development; living the dream; and how to go on living, and loving, when everything seems to be falling apart.

Using her knack for storytelling, Evalena dives into a sea of personal and professional experiences to bring a wide range of difficult and diverse topics to the surface. These topics include funkophobia, social exclusion, chafing societal norms, mental & physical health issues, racism, poverty, identity, creativity, nerdiness, lusting for life and longing for death.

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