Hi, I’m Linnea, a knowsy roll model, prolific content creator and indie author on my last great adventure. I’m currently flogging my worldly possessions on eBay, hoping to buy a van or motorhome and get the hell out of Dodge. Or London, to be more precise.

Seriously, I need to get out of here asap. I can’t afford to live in London, but I can’t afford to move either, so I’m kinda stuck. I’m looking for a way to move up north where the rents are more reasonable, the views are better and the people friendlier. If you think you could help me find a new home, I have blogged about what I am looking for.

Other than eBay, I am also listing some hand made things in the shop on Ko-Fi, making some merch, selling my books and welcoming any donations or patronages with open arms. And a humble heart.

In return for supporting me with a purchase or donation, you get to tag along on my adventure and learn more about life in the vast parallel universe of the unwell.


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