Sir & pet Rhinehart live a private life within the realm of the Spoonieverse. He is her PA, and she is his. He is her Sir Bear, and she is his pet. In a more official capacity, they are the Captain and Quartermaster of the mighty Resilience. A pirate ship like no other; home to a procrastination of indie authors and a rebellion of omnivorous readers.


I was a blogger long before the term existed, but I had a certain lens that only resonated with other spoonies. It always upset some readers when I brought my illness into the mix, and that’s how this blog saw the light of day. I needed a place where I could be me, just the way I am, and unapologetically talk about all aspects of my life, my #spoonielife, without having to take responsibility for the feelings of fragile normies.

This experience has been so much better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of. It has brought some incredible people into my life, and it has given me opportunities I may have missed out on had it not been for this blog and the Spoonieverse community.

In 2023, after three years of being locked up in the Covid Rapunzel Tower, I launched Linn’s Lexit as a campaign to get me out of Dodge, I mean London, and back on the road again. Wanna tag along and see if I make it?


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