ME: I really want to travel. MY BANK ACCOUNT: LOL Where you going? The back garden?

ME: I really want to travel. MY BANK ACCOUNT: LOL 

Where you going? The back garden? 


SIX YEARS AGO, I was ready to climb my walls having spent nine months in bed battling the latest flare-up my body had thrown at me. I was dreaming of water – any body of water would do. I just needed to get out. 

Life is funny, you know. Shortly after I had posted about my frustration online, something happened that meant I had to travel. And then something happened that made it possible. I went on a 2,500 mile interrail trip through Europe with my eldest as a companion/assistant. 

It was tough, and we nearly had to give up at one point, but we made it there and back again. And our blog and social media posts were so popular that our Spoonieverse got a sidekick: Worldwheelers. We kept blogging and writing a book about our experience until Life got funny again.

In 2019, I had knee replacement surgery and spent about a year bouncing back from that. A  year that lead straight into lockdown…

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Evalena Styf

The Resilience

After 25+ years of anonymous blogging on a number of free platforms, I decided to go pro and put all of my writings on a private wall in the imaginary pirate ship I have named after one of my most prominent character traits: Resilience.

In my personal blogs, I primarily write about living the dream and how to keep on living and loving when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Professionally, I write about writing, personal and professional development, business studies, communication and writing.

My ambition was for the Resilience to become a source of inspiration, but I also hoped this old ship of mine would provide a space where we could talk, teach each other our tricks, and learn new things together. So far, it has worked better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of. Wanna tag along?


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