WAITING FOR TEST RESULTS BE LIKE… well, worse than watching paint dry. At the very least.

I’ve been waiting since December as one test has led to another etc. You’d think finding out whether you have the dreaded c-word or not would be a relatively straight-forward process, but that’s not the case at all. Not in my experience.

So, I did a test that came out bad and had to go in for a ct-scan of my bowel as a result. Turned out my bowel was cancer free, but suffering from a bad case of diverticulitis. They did, however, find a cyst in my left kidney, so before we could make a plan for how to treat my sick bowel we needed to know what kind of cyst we are dealing with.

Most kidney cysts are benign, or so I’ve been told, but we don’t know what kind I have. I had to go to another hospital to have it weighed and measured and was told today would be the day the results would be ready. I woke up exhausted (this waiting game floors me!) and had to wait until 11am before I could call the magic number.

To keep myself from thinking too much about what they may reveal, I spent the morning looking at old pictures from my previous travels and dreaming myself out of this room. I can’t wait to get out of here, and I hope I’ll be able to raise enough money for the move and a van.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see me and doggo take off gala-van-ting through Europe next summer. You have no idea how giddy that idea makes me. But if you’d like to know, you can sign up to ride shotgun on this adventure. With a 100% free subscription to my mailing list, you get to sit in the front seat and see for yourself whether I get my van and what life is really like in the Spoonieverse.

So, back to the test results. I had the wobbles last night as I had a feeling I’d end up feeling fobbed off again today. Like last time when the doctor “forgot” to call and I had to wait an extra week. Well, unfortunately my hunch was spot on. 

My results are in, but I need to speak to the doctor to find out what they say. And he can’t talk to me before Tuesday next week. A whole bloody week!

It’s a good thing Sir Bear is a patient Master, because he’s in for another week of me being an emotional mess. I seriously don’t know how I’m supposed to focus on getting my book done, and getting my arse in gear for #Lexit, when this nonsense consumes so much of my energy.

Oh well, Operation Lexit is still on, and I still need help to find my next home. You can check out this post if you want to know more and see what you can do to help. Please note, it’s not your money I’m asking for (although I do have shop items out there to help me raise the money I need). No, it is primarily spotting the right place and sharing it with me I need help with.

If you, or someone you know, can do that, I’ll find a way to make you a wonderful character in my next book. Unless you rather I didn’t, of course.

Okay, I’ll stop waffling and get my writing back on. I have two deadlines creeping up on me and two books, a short story and a novelette, to be released within the next month. Starta paniken! As pet would say.

I’m outta here!

Puss & Kram,

//Evalena 💜🖤


After 25+ years of anonymous blogging on a number of free platforms, I decided to go pro and put all of my writings on a private wall in the imaginary pirate ship I have named after one of my most prominent character traits: Resilience.

In my personal blogs, I primarily write about living the dream and how to keep on living and loving when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Professionally, I write about writing, personal and professional development, business studies, communication and writing.

My ambition was for the Resilience to become a source of inspiration, but I also hoped this old ship of mine would provide a space where we could talk, teach each other our tricks, and learn new things together.

As a lifelong Spoonieverse resident, I soon found that there is a lens, a shared experience, that only other spoonies understand. It didn’t fit in with my other content, and it upset certain readers. And that’s how the Spoonieverse blog was born. It was a place where I could allow myself to be me, just the way I am, and talk about all aspects about spoonielife without making apologies or having to take responsibility for the feelings of normies.

So far, this experience has been so much better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of. It has brought some incredible people into my life, and it has given me opportunities I may have missed out on had it not been for this blog and the Spoonieverse community. 

In 2023, I launched Operation Lexit to lead me out of London and get me back on the road again. Wanna tag along and see what happens?


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